[The Straits Times] Former croupier and prison officer turned award-winning author

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Sebastian Sim, winner of Singapore’s richest literary prize for his upcoming novel The Riot Act, says shift work gives him time to write

Author Sebastian Sim has been a bartender, a croupier and a prison officer. He has cut cards for high rollers, reprimanded gangsters and watched customers spill drinks and sob stories across the bar.

To many, the 51-year-old may seem like a drifter. But this itinerant job-hopping is tied to a singular purpose conceived when he was a 17-year-old junior college student – to be a writer.

“I choose to do shift work so I can save the best hours of the day for writing,” says Sim, who is now an office executive. “I did not want to be sucked into the rat race. Work for me is just income and an avenue to collect life experiences.”

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