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The 2018 Winner

Yeoh Jo-Ann

Yeoh Jo-Ann explores the fear of mediocrity and failure that city dwellers experience in her novel, Impractical Uses Of Cake. Life is “okay” for her protagonist, Sukhin, but he is isolated from the rest of the community as he chooses not to depend on people.

As Sukhin connects with someone from his past over cake, Jo-Ann invites you to stop, think and wonder. Whether it be of themes such as how people drift from each other, how we lift and shape and scar each other — whether we mean to or not — and how lonely adulthood can be sometimes; or of a friend or something you’ve eaten recently.

Formerly a features editor at SPH Magazines, Jo-Ann is currently a client operations director with a digital marketing agency. She has also contributed short stories to literary anthologies.

Impractical Uses of Cake

Winner of the 2018 Epigram Books Fiction Prize

Sukhin is a 35-year-old teacher who lives alone. His life consists of reading, working and visiting his parents’ house to rearrange his piles of “collectibles”. He has only one friend — another teacher who has managed to force Sukhin into a friendship by sheer doggedness.

While on an errand one afternoon in Chinatown, he encounters a homeless person who recognises him. This chance reunion turns Sukhin’s well-planned life upside down, and the pair learns about love and sacrifice over their shared fondness for cake.

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