EBFP 2018 Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  1. Eligibility
    1. The Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2018 (EBFP 2018) is open to all Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents of Singapore and Singapore-born authors, regardless of age.
    2. Posthumous works are not eligible.
  2. Subject and theme
    1. Entries may be on any subject or theme.
  3. Language
    1. Works submitted must be written in English.
  4. Originality
    1. Each entry must be an original work written wholly by the author(s).
    2. Submitted work may be by more than one (1) author. There is no limit on the number of authors. Each work should be accompanied by one (1) entry form, regardless of the number of authors.
    3. Only unpublished work will be accepted. The work must not be contracted to any publisher.
  5. Number of Entries
    1. Author(s) may submit more than one work for this competition provided that the works are different and not variations of the same work. Each work needs to be submitted separately.
  6. Closing Date
    1. The closing date for this competition is 1 August 2018.
  7. Rights of refusal
    1. Epigram Books retains a right of first and last refusal to all entries, regardless of whether the author wins the prize.
    2. Epigram Books shall have six (6) months from the date of the winning announcement to inform all authors if it wishes to publish their work(s).
    3. If within thirty (30) days thereafter, the parties are unable to agree on such terms, Epigram Books will return all rights back to the author.
  8. The Award
    1. The Epigram Books Fiction Prize carries an award of S$25,000 for the winner, and $5,000 for three shortlisted finalists.
    2. The prize awards constitute the authors’ advances against royalties.
  9. Announcement of winner(s)
    1. The prize will be awarded on 22 November 2018. Winner(s) will be notified closer to the date of the announcement and will be invited to attend. If the winner(s) cannot attend this event for any reason, they must nominate a representative to accept the prize on their behalf.
  10. Responsibilities
    1. Prize winner(s) will be invited to conduct public talks, workshops and/or other events.
    2. Prize winner(s) will be required to speak to the media and attend media engagements, and support Epigram Books in all EBFP 2018-related marketing and publicity.

Epigram Books reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations without prior notification.